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In the production of new profiles running

In the production of new profiles running

Heavy Series : aluminum profiles with swivel SV 41/35/... mortgage profile on the seam width 35 mm, SV 41/65/... mortgage on the profile width of 65 mm seam, SV 42/50/N - invoice profile in the seam width of 50 mm, SV 42/80 - invoice profile for joint width of 80 mm. (here just links to pages - links to profiles of the titles)

Hydro Series: new flashing overhead and embedded profiles: WR 77 - mortgage profile for self-leveling floors. SV 28 - invoice profile joint protection protetechek, WR 79 - a new, all-aluminum, waterproofing profiles for joint width of up to 70 mm.

Series Metall: SG 87 - lightweight Profile Design SG 81 perceived with the same loads, but with less weight profile for ease of installation.

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